Kalaboss....a.ka. OX-XI

Looks like what if Odine was a Dwarf and a Assassion


Name:OX-XI …Kalaboss

Alignment:CN Skin:pale Hair:Silver&white Eyes:Glacier blue/
(Eldritch Arach Crimson Red)Low light vision 30ft

Has a tattoo on hes are (OX-11 then a pic of a scythe with three line crossed out on it)Yes, one line means they betrayed the empire,
two means they killed a fellow dwarf,
three means their life is forfeited
age 575
skill points 27 lvl:1
5 skills
1 adeped
2 jernemen
2 novic

5 roll max rolls to train perday

Novic: Medium Armor+0
Novic: Stealthing+0
Jernemen: persepion+1
jernemen: one handed weapon training dwarven waraxe+1
adaped: athletics+2

Items and affects: Adulte Gnasher drinking hone,Black leather boots,black leather pants,Black leather hooded sleavless shirt,
green shreded sash,black bandana,while linen raps,one black leather fingerless gloves,Black leather belt with black iron belt buckel,
larger black leather belt pouch,green copper breastplate,Black iron dwarven Waraxe+leather back harnes,70gold peaces,


Orthanusulathan Xykrypedi III of Dwarrowdelf started out as a goat herder, but in the fiery fury of battle was forged a Iron knight of the new dwarven empire. After countless slaughters of both warrior and innocent drow, Orthanusulathan or Orthan for short, became disenfranchised with the supposed Righteous War and began to question his allegiances. His mother, a now high ranking member of the new order of priestesses, fought hard to keep her beloved son from turning his back on his people.
It was not fated that Orthan would listen, and instead in the shadows of secrecy he began to offer aid and ask questions of the drow peoples. When caught, death was the immediate sentence but such again was not fated. With his heirloom burned from his skin and three thick gashes etched over the symbol of his birth, Orthan was marked as the most heinous of traitors and tossed down into the deepest, darkest pit the empire could find in the underdark.
Left to rot, he survived by fighting and eating the various wild things that would slink down into his abyss. It was years on his own before the whispers began, lost souls of the drow ripped from their bodies or slain in pure evil but not taken by the soulfire. Haunting the poor restless dwarf, they began to work into his mind and altered him for the better or the worse. Inspired to tear out his own eye, an Eldritch Arach took to setting up a web in the empty socket and feeds off blood and puss from the festering wound. Hundreds of years pass, time a standstill for him, with the voices teaching him in drow terms how to be one of their assassins. His training as a dwarven fighter of the highest of honors slips slowly from his grasp as he grows more and more into the new mold and purpose given him by his ghosts.
In a time when all seemed lost to the dwarven empire, when their souls were being slowly sacrificed by the Draconian Queen, the souls of the drow spared their dwarf by giving up their undead lives inorder to preserve his. After the Underdark was recovered, he took his chance and escaped. Stealing from a foot locker some black leathers, a copper breastplate, and an iron war axe, he took to the road and made his way to the surface. Robbing a farm and then paying off a trader to escort him to Crownguard where the spirits of the Five noblest drow women say his fate now resides.

Kalaboss....a.ka. OX-XI

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